EXHIBITION: Awaking Memory, Victoria, BC


Awakening Memory, an exciting and deeply personal exhibition opening Friday, March 24, 2017 at Open Space in Victoria, features brand new artworks by contemporary artists Sonny Assu, lessLIE, and Marianne Nicholson.  Curated by France Trépanier, Awakening Memory acts as an exploration of cultural objects and stories within the evolving practices and methods used in Indigenous art creation.  Using their own interests, experiences, and personal histories as jumping off points, the artists created new pieces from their engagement with objects that “belong to them.”  Whether it is an abandoned church, a grandfather’s marine charts, or historical masks and cliff paintings, each artist infuses his or her new pieces with the traditional stories and familial ties that remind us of the importance of the knowledge and memory embedded in art.

Opening festivities:

Friday, March 24 at 7:30 pm

@ Open Space

510 Fort Street, 2nd Floor

Victoria, BC


More details about the exhibition and the artists involved can be found on the Open Space and Art Openings websites.


PC:  Sonny Assu and Equinox Gallery