Cornett Building Salish Art Display

University of Victoria, British Columbia


The University of Victoria and the Faculty of Social Sciences acknowledge, and express gratitude to, the Coast Salish peoples on whose territory the campus is situated.

Works of art by artists from these nations are installed throughout the Cornett Building as part of permanent and rotating displays of contemporary art. Since 2010, the dedication of space in this building to artistic excellence recognizes the valuable intellectual and cultural contributions made by the arts to research and teaching in the Social Sciences. The following artworks were gifted or loaned to the Faculty of Social Sciences by the Salish Weave Collection. Visit Salish Reflections, a guide to Coast Salish Art published by the University of Victoria Art Collections and Social Sciences. 

lessLIE , 2006
lessLIE , 2008
Dylan Thomas , 2010
Luke Marston , 2011
Chris Paul , 2008
lessLIE , 2009
Susan A. Point , 2009
Andy Everson , 2009
John Marston , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2006