SMASH: International Indigenous Weaving

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

This exhibition showcased the works of Salish, Mi’kmaq, Alaskan, Southwestern, and Hawaiian artists through the medium of weaving and brought together 16 artists and over 60 works of art from the five regions. Featuring pieces on loan from the artists and private collections, the exhibition included woven baskets, blankets, rugs, healing rattles, hats and masks. The work mixed traditional and contemporary weaving techniques and materials, and places the work of Coast Salish artists within an international context.

Curator: Rose M. Spahan

Contributor: Cathi Charles Wherry

Angela Marston , 2010
Angela Marston , 2010
Angela Marston , 2010
Angela Marston , 2010
Susan A. Point , 2001
Susan A. Point , 2002
Susan A. Point , 2003