Perpetual Salish: In Print

A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia

Perpetual Salish: In Print, A Selection of Serigraphs from the Salish Weave Collection was presented at the A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery (MacLaurin Building, A Wing, University of Victoria Campus) from June 1 to July 30, 2015. This exhibition was an adaptation of Perpetual Salish: Coast Salish Art from the Salish Weave Collection, curated by lessLIE, and displayed at the University of Victoria’s Legacy Art Gallery Downtown from August 15, 2014 to January 10, 2015. Perpetual Salish: In Print included works by (in alphabetical order): Maynard Johnny Jr., lessLIE, Chris Paul, Cosiniye Paul, Liam Paul, Sage Paul, Susan Point, and Dylan Thomas.

This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Indigenous Education at the University of Victoria’s 2015 Summer Institute. The Summer Institute is a collection of summer courses focusing on Indigenous ways of learning and teaching. The first set of courses takes place in June, and is tailored for students studying to become post-secondary teachers. The second set takes place in July, and focuses on in-service teachers. Each Summer Institute features a central theme, and 2015’s theme was Coast Salish Art. By putting on Perpetual Salish: In Print in the Faculty of Education building, students were able to learn alongside the art. Additionally, two Coast Salish artists were part of the institute: Butch Dick was invited to be part of the Indigenous Education teaching staff (for June), and Chris Paul was invited as a Visiting Artist (for both June and July). Both artists provided experiential learning – Butch focused on Coast Salish cultural practices and Chris on Coast Salish design, taking students through the drum making process. Under Chris’ tutelage, each student produced a drum, which they then gifted to a significant person in their life.

Dr. Michelle Wiebe of Art Education assigned her students the task of creating a poster for Perpetual Salish: In Print. Each student submitted a design, and one was chosen to represent the exhibition. See the winning design, by art student Nikki Jones, in the sidebar. Dr. Michael Emme of Art Education, who manages the A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery, was integral in organizing and mounting the exhibition.

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