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The Salish Weave Collection is a private collection of contemporary art created in the traditional Salish art form. The Salish artists whose work we collect define and embrace the practice of Salish art, drawing upon traditions and stories of his or her culture, yet challenging the boundaries of Salish art through the exploration of modern media and techniques. Be they world-renowned, well established or emergent artists, their style is unmistakably their own. They live and work in traditional Salish territories on the Pacific southwest coast of British Columbia. and the northwest coast of the United States.

The Salish Weave Collection counts over four hundred contemporary works. Sculptural works, large and small, are made of traditional media such as wood, cedar bark, and root, hide and wool, and of modern media such as glass, metal, and composite material. Paintings are done in acrylic, either on paper or canvas. The great majority of prints are done in the silkscreen method of printing. The prints (or serigraphs) constitute the largest body of works of the collection with some 300 different designs, and a total of about 2,400 prints. 

The information provided for each work includes the title of the piece, the name of the artist(s), the year of the creation of the piece,  and the description and dimensions of the piece. When available, we include an artist or a curatorial statement. When applicable, we name the exhibitions and displays in which a work has been shown as well as the name of the gallery or museum to which the work has been donated.


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