Part of a set of 2 serigraphs

Ink on Paper

30" X 18"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

The two serigraphs, Illume and Harmony, are based on the elements most commonly used in Salish visual interpretation. I have taken these shapes further by creating imagery using only three shapes.

Illume was inspired by a massive full moon that lit the edge of the forest creating a chiaroscuro effect on the tree line Still, what I see are the Salish elements from the shapes within.

For Harmony, I have created a lone evergreen lit by moonlight. The inspiration for this image came from long nights in the wide-open plateaus of the Cariboo; skies filled by a moon that rises and sets like a sun, reflecting snow covered trees.

Both of these prints are a celebration of the Salish form and the rich, deep colours are a symbol of my people’s legacy.

Thomas Cannell

Display(s): Places of British Columbia