About the Summer Institute in Indigenous Education

The Indigenous Education and Community Collaborations Institute is offered by the Indigenous Education Department (IED) of the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. It consists of four highly integrated IED courses offered in an intensive format during the month of June and the month of July with a focus on Indigenous knowledge, epistemology, pedagogy and education. Courses are held on campus and in local Indigenous communities. This institute is designed to provide pre-service teachers with a unique and transformational opportunity to learn from and about Indigenous peoples and knowledge, and to make valuable connections to the local Indigenous communities.

Known as the IED Summer Institute, this program is offered to students of the Faculty of Education enlisted in the Secondary Post-Degree program and is part of the Bachelor of Education in Language Revitalization studies. During this Institute, IED involves many local Indigenous knowledge keepers to provide valuable experiential and hands-on learning in Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy as well as land-based learning on the traditional territories of the local First Nations.