Painting: Acrylic on Paper

22" X 22"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

This painting is a depiction of love corrupted by colonialism, corrupted by Catholicism. This painting is a cathARTic attempt to reflect the cultural reality of love corrupted in native communities by colonialism, Catholicism,

because of Adam’s rib
because of what Eve did

because of the sexual satuRATION of Canadian society. This painting was executed in the hope that people can see this truth, and still be able to have a heART and love each other.
In ancient times, the first man fell from the sky. When he landed in the Cowichan Valley, the Transformer and Daylight provided him with everything he needed to survive. He had land. He had food. He had shelter. But he was lonely. Out of his loneliness, he took a piece of wood and attempted to carve a companion, to create a wooden woman.

Now I am
a contemporary
Coast Salish man
attempting to find
a carved companion
a wooden woman
to stick my wood in

I just want to
feel her up
not feel for her

having REZZidential relationships

she stood me up
she turned me down

she called me up
to call me down

then we made up
then we made out

you sexual savage
you promiscuous Pocahontas
settling for sex
in place of relationships

when I come

I attempt
to come
to terms
with a past
of perverted men
molesting me
of watching relatives
rape relatives

and perverted priests
in REZZidential schools
molesting my grandparents
molesting my parents
molesting many generations

when I come
I attempt
to come
to terms
with a past