Broken Circle

Serigraph: Ink on Paper

24.5” X 18”

Artist/Curatorial Statement

With its fishing net bulging under the weight of a large catch of fish, Broken Circle is a piece that talks about the dangers facing fish species around the world, and in particular on the West Coast of North America where the Musqueam people, and my own sons, fish. Factors such as global warming and over fishing, among others, have brought the number of salmon returning each year to spawn to an all time low. Throughout the cycle of the salmon, from their spawning ground where many water levels are low and temperatures are too warm for the small fry, through the rivers and the ocean where they face other perils for the rest of their lives, there are a host of conditions working against this majestic fish.

The fine details of Broken Circle compel the viewer to draw closer, and take a careful look at what is happening in the image. My hope is that it will also inspire people to look closer in order to understand the subtleties and multitude of factors involved in the issue of dwindling fish stocks. By looking closer and seeking to understand the problem, perhaps we can all take small, positive steps to take better care of the earth and its creatures.

Exhibition(s): Susan Point: Spindle Whorl