Healing Rattle : Fire

Part of Healing Rattle Series

Yellow Cedar, Acrylic Paint, Abalone Inlay, White Pebbles, Tzhoulem Crystals, Red Cedar Bark, Yellow Cedar Bark, and Red Shafter Flicker Feathers

12'' X 9''

Artist/Curatorial Statement

For my Healing Rattle Series, I chose the four elements (wind, water, fire and earth) for my love of nature. I have grown up surrounded by the deep thick forests of Vancouver Island. I spent many hours patiently waiting to see blossoms bloom, for the salamanders to come out from hiding, for the birds to fly overhead and berries to ripen. I drank the rainwater off of the maple leaves, and ate the roots of ferns. I walked bare foot on pine needle trails that were soft and smooth. I swam in the rivers and the oceans. I caught trout with my brothers and took them home. I have lived with and been nurtured by nature. I believe that we are a part of nature. I believe that we are all connected.

Fire is cleansing. Fire destroys to create a new cycle. It cleanses and neutralizes the ground so that new plants can grow. Sometimes I will go to the beach and have a fire and it is so healing and uplifts my spirits. In our culture fire is used to cleanse and purify in so many different ways.

Angela Marston

Exhibition(s): 2017 Canadian Biennial, Record, (Re)create: Contemporary Coast Salish Art from the Salish Weave Collection, SMASH: International Indigenous Weaving

Legacy: National Gallery of Canada