Salmon Blanket

Sandblasted and Painted Cedar

32.25’’ diameter

Artist/Curatorial Statement

Three juxtaposing salmon confined in a circle.

A Salish blanket is is a work of art. The designs and intricacies a woman applies to her weaving shows her infinite patience and attention to detail. Its not just the ability to stick with something difficult. It’s the gathering of her tools and teachings that bring her to finish  a new blanket. Her weaving skills are mastered the more she creates. It is something few will understand. Yet many will appreciate.

The weave itself is a language to learn. Then process not only gives you a finished product, but it takes you on a journey to accomplish something important by your own will, to continue, even if it's complicated. It gives you something to be proud of. It’s a  cornerstone of teaching and ingenuity in Salish culture. The women who designed and applied their thoughts to creating patterns in a blanket were very imaginative and methodical. They kept trying until they produced what they envisioned in their minds.

And what did they create? From their wool and spindle, loom and fingers, they gave the gift of warmth to their people and they honoured them with their gifts.

Chris Paul

Display(s): Cornett Building Salish Art Display