Serigraph: Ink on Paper

17” X 11”

Artist/Curatorial Statement

The Spirits of Snow & Ice Collection of ten limited edition serigraphs pays homage to the winter sports that take place in my hometown and all over much of British Columbia. The prints in this series bring together the four worlds present in our First Nations belief structure: the sky world represented by the dawning of a new day; the land world to which all the athletes in these images belong; the sea world evoked through the frozen waves of snow and ice; the spirit world guiding the athletes and giving them the characteristics of our sacred animals. The background image of the animals is done in respect of my Coast Salish ancestry and represents a spindle whorl design. The spindle whorl, I feel, is the perfect metaphor for weaving together our worlds.

Looking out the window from my studio, I often see eagles whirling and twirling in the air. Sometimes they do it for courtship and other times they do it just for fun
There is a profound feeling of majesty and awe that happens when you see an eagle soaring in the wind, only to tumble in a controlled spin. Aware that they are the kings and queens of the skies, they play with the elements and bend them to their will.

Whirling and twirling on the slopes, too, are the snowboarders. They attack a half pipe with reckless abandon, performing acrobatic feats that at once look impossible, but at the same time, seem natural. Ollies, McTwists, 900’s, and Backside Hand plants are attempted and pulled off. Boarders race each other, catching air and soaring like eagles over the rolling terrain. They hit the slopes while they play with the elements and bend them to their will.

Andy Everson

Associated Box Set: Spirits of Snow and Ice Collection Box Set - Edition of 200