Within the Cedar II

Serigraph: Ink on Paper

34” x 14”

Artist/Curatorial Statement

Generally, nutrients and pesticides run from the land to the sea. But, within the ancient Cedar trees of the Great Pacific Northwest Coast, substantial amounts of Marine Nitrogen are found within the growth rings. The Salmon returning to spawn carry within their body’s nutrients absorbed from the open Pacific Ocean. Then, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, and scavenging birds are lifting Salmon from the rivers and streams and dropping the Salmon carcasses on the forest floor to decay. This way, we can trace back the history of the Salmon runs. Songbirds of the Pacific are among the blessed who reap the nitrogen benefits.

When I think about the bottom of the ocean now becoming a part of the ancient cedar tree, it stimulates feelings within me of all the intimate connections that make up the web of life.

In this forthcoming series of five prints, Within the Cedar’s, I am revealing the spirits of the plants, birds, and beings that strengthen Grandmother Cedar.

For me, conservation is not about saving a particular animal or plant; it is the preservation of the human race. We are not saving the animals; we are protecting ourselves.

Susan Point