Serigraph: Ink on Paper

22" X 22"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

This is one of my favorite designs.

There is a human face in the center intertwined with Eagle and Raven and at the bottom Owl is looking out at you. Man and Eagle share the eyes.

This print is an interpretation of this family’s connection to the natural or spirit world via birds. The Eagle represents peace and honour. The Raven is often referred to as tricky or sly but is still most respected in Northern cultures. Ravens are also known for releasing the sun and moon to the earth. Owl in Coast Salish culture is related to death and he guides us to the spirit world with ease because of his ability to see in the dark.

Our connections to the spirit world and to these animals reflect who we are as a people.

Maynard Johnny Jr.

Associated Box Set: Salish Weave Box Set III

Display(s): Cornett Building Salish Art Display

Legacy: National Gallery of Canada