Impressions – Salish Wolf

Paper Cast and Red Cedar

35" Diameter; 1.75" Depth

Artist/Curatorial Statement

This limited edition paper cast is made of 100% cotton fiber, made into a pulp and pigmented, and pressed into sheets using a screen. It is then pressed onto the mod and allowed to dry. The resulting paper cast has been placed into a red cedar panel.

The image is of the Salish Wolf, a great hunter that is often associated with the special spirit power a man had to acquire to become a good hunter. The wolf also represents family and togetherness.

The shape of this piece is an adaption of a traditional spindle whorl design. The spindle whorl is a disc that acts as a flywheel on the spinning device used for making wool yarn. Coast Salish women, who would spin and ply mountain goat wool into yarn for weaving, traditionally used the spindle whorl.

Susan Point

Exhibition(s): Susan Point: Spindle Whorl, SMASH: International Indigenous Weaving

Legacy: Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia