Serigraph: Ink on Paper

14.5” x 36.5”

Artist/Curatorial Statement

Nestled in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains, Whistler is a resort town located on the Sea-to-Sky highway.  It is only 40 kilometers inland from the Pacific Ocean and about 125 kilometers north of Vancouver. 

Whistler has a permanent population of close to 10,000 people and a larger transient population. It welcomes over two million visitors annually, primarily for alpine skiing and snowboarding and, in the summer, for mountain biking.

Whistler has been voted among the top ski destinations in North America since the mid-1990s and its pedestrian village has won numerous design awards. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, it hosted most of the alpine and Nordic skiing events as well as the sliding events: luge, skeleton and bobsled.

The pristine natural environment and untamed wilderness of the Whistler Valley also attracts visitors.  Every spring, waterfalls pour out from mountaintops and cascade over giant cliffs. Its majestic glaciers are accessible by helicopters, providing visitors with unique hiking and skiing experiences.

The marmot gave Whistler its name. Its shrill whistles warn other marmots of potential danger and their calls can be heard throughout Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains where they live.

Christiane Smyth

Display(s): Places of British Columbia