Salmon Weir



Painting: Acrylic on Paper

28" X 12.5"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

Salmon or river weirs were wooden dams constructed by my ancestors for the purpose of harvesting salmon. In this design, I have depicted four salmon heads within the rectangular shape of the weir.

As a contemporary Coast Salish artist, I am not hesitant to utilize modern or abstract influences in my work. I am aware that many modern, abstract artists like Barnett Newman are influenced by indigenous and First Nations art forms. It is my contention that an unjust aesthetic double standard has been imposed on Northwest Coast art forms. Native artists should not be confined to aesthetically static, traditional forms. If modern, abstract artists are influenced by native art forms, then native art forms should be allowed to be influenced by the works of modern, abstract artists.

Coast Salish people reside in the most urbanized, most densely and diversely populated area of the Northwest Coast. This contemporary cultural reality should be reflected in our work.


Exhibition(s): Transporters: Contemporary Salish Art

Legacy: National Gallery of Canada