Young Eagles/Eaglets

Painting: Acrylic on Paper

6" X 22"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

My intent was to draw an eagle in the elongated format for which I am known. Once I drew the eagle and transferred the drawing to the other half of the paper to obtain a mirrored image, I realized my design was that of young eagles or eaglets.

To the First Nations People of the Northwest Coast, Eagle is a sacred, wise and noble creature, respected as a symbol of peace and grace, strength and power, as well as leadership and prestige.

Eagle has long been a source of artistic inspiration for traditional and contemporary indigenous artists of the Northwest Coast and has been depicted on masks, paintings, prints and jewelry. A powerful beak, whose upper half ends in a strong downward curve, as well as piercing eyes and large talons, are traits of Eagle imagery.

Maynard Johnny Jr.

Legacy: Legacy Art Galleries at the University of Victoria