Salish Vision

Carved Painted Red Cedar and Copper

33" Diameter; 2.25" Depth

Artist/Curatorial Statement

The animal figures depicted in this work represent the sea (Salmon), the land (Frog) and the sky (Thunderbird).

Salmon is the giver of life and is usually carved in pairs for good luck.

Frog is the voice of the people and symbolizes innocence, stability and communication.

Thunderbird, living high in the mountains, is the most powerful of all spirits. When Thunderbird flaps his wings, thunder crashes and lightning flashes from his eyes.

Susan Point

Exhibition(s): Perpetual Salish: Contemporary Coast Salish Art from the Salish Weave Collection, SMASH: International Indigenous Weaving, Susan Point: Spindle Whorl

Legacy: Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia