Serigraph: Ink on Paper

17” X 11”

Artist/Curatorial Statement

The Spirits of Snow & Ice Collection of ten limited edition serigraphs pays homage to the winter sports that take place in my hometown and all over much of British Columbia. The prints in this series bring together the four worlds present in our First Nations belief structure: the sky world represented by the dawning of a new day; the land world to which all the athletes in these images belong; the sea world evoked through the frozen waves of snow and ice; the spirit world guiding the athletes and giving them the characteristics of our sacred animals. The background image of the animals is done in respect of my Coast Salish ancestry and represents a spindle whorl design. The spindle whorl, I feel, is the perfect metaphor for weaving together our worlds.

There are few more powerful images than that of two male bighorn sheep, or rams, squaring off in combat amidst towering mountain ranges. Of course, the reason for this display of athletic strength and prowess is ultimately to show dominance and win over their choice of female. Lining up and lowering their heads, rams run straight toward their opponents to smash horns with one another. To the victor go the spoils, they say.

Nothing emits a louder “whoa” while watching hockey than seeing an opponent getting bowled over after receiving a devastating body check. Distracted with the puck, the receiver of the blow is caught unawares, unknowingly lined up for the hit. With the grace of a freight train, the checker plows into his opponent and literally knocks him away from the puck. Victor... spoils...

Andy Everson

Associated Box Set: Spirits of Snow and Ice Collection Box Set - Edition of 200