Bluey Lake

Serigraph: Ink on Paper

36” x 27”

Artist/Curatorial Statement

My husband and two younger children were exploring the wilds of BC in 1993 in a new pickup truck, with a new canoe on top. This was long before satellite imagery, and backroad map were rudimentary. Thomas said let’s try this road dad, and what they discovered was priceless. Down a long windy rutted road, they nearly turned back as it was getting late in the day. Thomas pushed them on further.

Off of the highway 97 connector, then 5A, they found Bluey Lake, a turquoise water paradise.

Since then, it has always been one of our beloved summertime destinations for camping, fishing and swimming. I have many fond memories of Bluey Lake, and there I have also found many inspirations. This design is a tribute to the lifelong memories I have from there; one of them being the call of the loons.

In Coast Salish culture, Loon symbolizes peace, tranquility, communication, serenity, and generosity.

Loon is respected for its knowledge of various realms and is famous for its unique and often haunting voice. Animals with unique vocal talents are held in high regard by all Northwest Coast Native peoples, who traditionally perceive words, voice and songs as carriers of power and magic. 

Susan Point