Healing Rattle : Earth

Part of Healing Rattle Series

Yellow Cedar, Acrylic Paint, Abalone Inlay, White Pebbles, Tzhoulem Crystals, Red Cedar Bark, Yellow Cedar Bark, Bear Grass, Cedar Root and Wild Cherry Bark

12'' X 9''

Artist/Curatorial Statement

For my Healing Rattle series, I chose the four elements (wind, water, fire and earth) for my love of nature. I have grown up surrounded by the deep thick forests of Vancouver Island. I spent many hours patiently waiting to see blossoms bloom, for the salamanders to come out from hiding, for the birds to fly overhead and berries to ripen. I drank the rainwater off of the maple leaves, and ate the roots of ferns. I walked bare foot on pine needle trails that were soft and smooth. I swam in the rivers and the oceans. I caught trout with my brothers and took them home. I have lived with and been nurtured by nature. I believe that we are a part of nature. I believe that we are all connected.

Earth is our mother. The earth provides us with all that we need to live. The beauty and splendour that the earth shares with us is amazing. There are so many different elements that the earth holds. One day I was picking rocks with my mom and I said to her, “I just love rocks so much I don’t know why.” She smiled at me and said, “They hold the secrets to the universe.”

Angela Marston

Exhibition(s): 2017 Canadian Biennial, Record, (Re)create: Contemporary Coast Salish Art from the Salish Weave Collection, SMASH: International Indigenous Weaving

Legacy: National Gallery of Canada