Ravens Moon

Painting: Acrylic on Paper

8" X 22"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

The moon is the protector of mother earth; it lights the night. The oldest story in West Coast Native art and culture is Raven releasing the sun and moon to the earth and the world.

One story is that Raven stole the chief’s chest with the sun and moon inside. Before the raven stole the chest the world was black. Raven was originally white but when he stole the chief’s chest from the longhouse he flew up the smoke hole and the soot turned him black.

Another version says Raven stole the chest and released the sun and the moon. When the sun came out of the chest it burned Raven black.

Another says while Raven was flying away with the sun and the moon still in the box they collided and pieces broke off. When Raven opened the box to release the sun and the moon these pieces flew out and became the stars.

Maynard Johnny Jr.