Thunderbird and Killerwhale



Painting: Acrylic on Paper

24.5" x 25.25"

Artist/Curatorial Statement

A long time ago, a supernatural whale occupying Cowichan Bay blocked off the mouth of the Cowichan River. This supernatural whale ate all the salmon around it, and prevented the remaining salmon from ascending the Cowichan River. As a result of not having salmon ascending the Cowichan River, the Cowichan Tribes experienced a period of starvation. Out of desperation, members of the Cowichan Tribes attempted to ward off this supernatural whale, but failed. So the Cowichan Tribes called upon the mighty Thunderbird. Thunderbird swooped down, grabbed the supernatural whale, and flew away with him. After this, the Cowichan Tribes once again enjoyed the salmon of the Cowichan River.