Spindle Whorl Cutouts (Grade 5/6)

This lesson is intended to introduce students to the different variations of shapes, and how they are arranged and spaced to create pattern in Coast Salish art.  Students will be introduced to works of art created by modern Coast Salish artists through prints from the Salish Weave Box Sets.  They will analyze how the use of patterns and shapes form images that have meaning.  Students will create patterns on paper outlines of spindle whorls using variations of shapes, cut out from a provided handout. (Lesson designed by Rebecca Scheer, Cowichan School District 79).

Time required:  3 – 45 minute class sessions


At the end of these lessons, students will be able to:

  • Identify elements in the visual arts, including traditional Coast Salish design motifs present in contemporary prints.
  • Understand that shapes and patterns form images as a way to create, represent, and communicate meaning.
  • Experiment with a variety of design elements to create a Coast Salish spindle whorl.
Grade Level: K to grade 5, grades 6 to 9

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