Screen Printing Today: The Basics

Author: Andy MacDougall

ISBN: 978-0-9440-9461-9

Format: Softcover

Dimensions (in.): 8.5 x 11

This instructional book by Andy MacDougall, a regular Screen Printing contributor and Academy of Screen Printing Technology member, is the clearest and most practical guide to screen printing available anywhere. Modern applications and methods, new technology, and valuable production tips are combined in an easy-to-understand format. Hundreds of colour photos demonstrate everything from creating art and films, through screen and stencil making, ink use, and print production. Additional chapters cover waterbased ink printing, low-tox innovations, process colour and fine detail printing, split fountain blends, and economic alternatives for those on limited budgets. This book will help beginners and experienced screen printers alike, to improve their efficiency, quality and cost controls. Included are plans for an easy-to-construct vacuum press, T-shirt jig, and exposing system.

Salish Weave Team Note: This book is a great introduction to the process of screen printing, a medium essential to contemporary Coast Salish artists. Plus the author lives on Vancouver Island, and works with local artists!