REINTERPRETATION Project: Perspectives on Coast Salish Art (Grade 3/4)

This project was the cumulative activity for a series of art critique discussions held in a Grade 3/4 class.  In this series of lessons, students will be introduced to all the prints in the Salish Weave Box Sets I and II, the accompanying Teaching Notes, and reminded of the practice of looking at and responding to traditional Coast Salish art through Visual Thinking Strategies.   After viewing and considering the various prints in the collection,  students will choose their favourite piece to “curate” and use for inspiration when creating their own original artwork.  Several discussions will be necessary to go over the project handouts, the assessment rubric, the variety of creative media and processes available in the classroom, the ideas and plans occuring within the learning community, and the creation of art.  There are no written components to this project (except for final lables/signs) in order for all students in this particular class to feel successful and supported in their creative endeavours.  Once completed, all of the pieces will be displayed in the library during a Grand Opening of our Coast Salish Art Gallery. Student artists will then explain their personal creative processes to visitors to this school event. (Lesson designed by Angella Campbell and Becky Greenhow, Cowichan School District 79).

Time required:  5 to 6 – 45 minute class sessions


At the end of these lessons, students will be able to:

  • Identify elements in the visual arts, including traditional Coast Salish design motifs and images.
  • Analyze, critique, and connect with art using visual thinking strategies.
  • Understand that symbolism is a way to create, represent, and communicate meaning.
  • Experiment with a variety of media to create an original art piece.