Salish Weave Box Set II


Box Set II includes prints from artists represented in Box Set I - Susan Point, lessLIE and Maynard Johnny Jr. - and introduces prints from John Marston, Luke Marston, Dylan Thomas and Andy Everson.  

Susan Point's print, Devotions, is an Intaglio etching, Chiné Collé; this is the only print of the Salish Weave Box Sets that is not a silkscreen print.

John Marston is a renowned carver who had never designed an image for silkscreen printing. Salmon Cycle, is John's first foray into this art form. The Salish Weave Collection is honoured to include John Marston's very first print in Box Set II.

View the Box Set II essay written by Dylan Thomas here (pdf).


lessLIE , 2008
Dylan Thomas , 2010
Luke Marston , 2011
lessLIE , 2009
Susan A. Point , 2009
Andy Everson , 2009
John Marston , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008