Government House, Victoria, British Columbia

Government House, Victoria, British Columbia

Government House is the Ceremonial Home of all British Columbians and the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. This display of contemporary Salish art from the Salish Weave Collection was installed in 2011 when the former Lieutenant Governor, Steven Point, a member of the Snowkale First Station of the Stó:lō People, was in office. The display has remained in the residence through the term of her Honor Judith Guichon from 2012 to 2018, and is still much appreciated by the present Lieutenant Governor, Her Honor Janet Austin, appointed in April 2018.

Salish Weave is honored to lend these Salish works of art to Government House. Most of them are installed in the private quarters of the house to be enjoyed by the Lieutenant Governor, her family, friends and guests. Many visiting dignitaries have enjoyed being photographed in front of Missing Pieces, a large serigraph by renown Coast Salish artist Susan Point of the Musqueam Nation.


Luke Marston , 2015
Dylan Thomas , 2010
lessLIE , 2009
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008
Chris Paul , 2008
lessLIE , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008
Maynard Johnny Jr. , 2008
lessLIE , 2006
lessLIE , 2005
Susan A. Point , 2007
Susan A. Point , 2003