How Many? Numeracy, Vocabulary, and Salmon (Grade K-4)

These lessons are intended to introduce primary students to the different variations of Coast Salish shapes (Trigon, Crescent, Extended Crescent, Circle, Oval), name and then count in Hul’q’umi’num’ different shapes/attributes seen in the print, and describe how these shapes/attributes are used in Coast Salish art. Students will be introduced to Chris Paul’s print, “Conservation”, from Salish Weave Collection Box Set I for these How Many? discussions.   (Lesson designed by Becky Greenhow, Cowichan School District 79).

Time required:  Up to 4 x 20-minute class sessions (Teacher’s choice).


At the end of these lessons, students will be able to:

  • Use mathematical vocabulary and language to contribute to numeracy discussions (Math).
  • Share observations and ideas orally; experience and interpret the local environment; consider environmental consequences of one’s actions (Science).
  • Use language to identify, create, share ideas, feelings, and personal identity (Language Arts)